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Hotels to Enjoy Holidays in Kefalonia, Greece

The biggest Greek islet in Ionian Sea is Kefalonia, also named Cephalonia. The main town of Kefalonia is Argostoli, where are located most museums that host the historic artefacts. Around this city are placed most of the best-rated hotels in Kefalonia. A number of states have governed the islet from which the Romans, Byzantine, Venetian, French and Ottoman have left the most vestiges. There are also artefacts of British presence on Kefalonia and evidences of a civilization dating back 40,000 years. As a result, Kefalonia boasts a fascinating heritage of variate architectural types and many well-preserved remains from ancestral ages that draw a colossal array of tourists every year, mostly booking holiday packages to its biggest town.

In the region neighbouring Argostoli can be found a significant array of historic attractions, and as a result it is one of the most preferred holiday destinations on Kefalonia. Naturally, there are also many deluxe resorts. Several of the best-rated accommodation choices on Kefalonia are Liberatos Village, situated in town of Lixouri, and Thalassa Hotel Kefalonia. In the charming area of Skala is another deluxe residence, the superb Hotel Regina Dell Acqua Resort. This tourist destination offers beautifully designed guest rooms and classy services. Visitors of one of the most appreciated resorts on Kefalonia will take delight in variate aquatic activities and breathtaking panorama from every spot of the property.

Beach Resorts to Book Package Holidays to Kefalonia

As any large tourist town, Argostoli is not reserved just to the few that can afford exclusive resorts while holiday in Kefalonia. A variety of accommodation choices with conveniently prices invite tourists looking for cheap Greek breaks. Pythos Studios Hotel is a fine example of affordable accommodation in Kefalonia with conveniences like a swimming pool, cosy guest rooms, pool-side snack bar and variate services. The other well-known town in Kefalonia is Lixouri, with fun and night life focused in the town’s central part. Palatino Hotel is close to city and offers the standard amenities for a hotel of its category and tranquillity amid enchanting nature.

Kefalonia is one of the most preferred Greek islands and has been described in a series of novels and even in the major motion picture Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Nevertheless, the real richness of the islet is its nature: mountains and a multitude of beautiful beaches overlooked by magnificent cliffs that create breathtaking views. Summer breaks in beach resorts of Greece are a real pleasure and Kefalonia isn’t an exception to this fact. The infinite sun and the bright sky draw a multitude of holidaymakers to this islet, which looks like a tropical heaven and maybe even better, as the atmosphere emanates tales and myths of passed glorious ages. The charming landscapes, the traditional Greek cuisine and amiable people are added to the magnificent holiday experience enjoyed on Kefalonia.

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